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The story begins to unfold on the first day of Harry Potter's third school year, at Kings Cross. Hogwarts pupil Lavender Brown is brought to the train station by her Muggle aunt. Because Emily normally lives in France and has no clue that her niece is a witch, she is not very amused by that fact. It seems like an accident in the chaos at the gate that 'Didi' (that's the nickname Emily calls her sometimes) forgets her suitcase, so that the red haired woman has to carry it into the train and go looking for her. Eventually the train departs and the Muggle is still on board. There is nothing she can do other than to sit down next to the person who caused this situation and to hope that she can travel back to London the same day. When the Dementors enter the Hogwarts Express searching for Sirius Black, the new teacher for Defense against the Dark Arts is casting the patronus charm. While he's checking the whole train, he finds another adult in it and does at first not know what to do with her. It should be impossible for an unknowing Muggle to be on the train without anyone noticing, so it seems that something has gone wrong with the security spells and he decides to take her to the headmaster as soon as they arrive at the castle. Remus shows her to a classroom and asks her to wait, for he will get Dumbledore as soon as he can. While he is at the feast, Emily is too curious to stay where she was told and is wandering around the corridors.

As a historian she's just asking herself by whom this castle was built and in what century when she is nearly scared to death by a tall dark man standing right behind her. Of course this is the Potions master of the school who has seen a flash of red hair trough the windows of the Great Hall. When he realizes what she is and that she is not willing to take orders from him, he threatens her by hexing her legs together. They go to Dumbledore's office where they both hear things that they don't want to.
Emily ends up staying in Snape's flat in an extra room for herself, because it is too mysterious that the security charms didn't work. The ministry thinks that Sirius Black might be behind that and until it's not clear, she will have to stay at the school for her own safety. Snape on the other hand is not amused about the fact that a Muggle woman he hates has to live with him. At least she accepts during her second day that she's really in a magical world, when Aurora Sinistra takes her to Hogsmeade. The women go shopping and the professor answers every question that Emily has. Coming back in the evening, she wants to apologize to Snape that she laughed at him, when she was thinking that all of this was just a big Halloween Party. But he's not in his best mood after the first day of teaching. He starts an argument about the house of Slytherin and if she would know what she meant to him, the Head of his house. But Emily isn't the type of woman that is taken aback by that. „Hmm if that is so, professor... If you act up like that, you can surely say proudly to me that you are a pure blood through and through and that this is the reason why you call me a Muggle instead of using my name!?" Of course in this point he first lies to her, but she doesn't seem to believe him.
As if she could see that he wasn't telling the truth...

In the following weeks the two are fighting even more and all the time. Severus is as unfriendly and sarcastic as he can be, just to get rid of her and she on the other side is stubborn and strikes back, what makes him even more furious. Nearly every other day he complains about her and asks the headmaster to put her with Minerva or Aurora. While the other teachers, especially Lupin, are doing well with her, Emily learns more and more about the world she's now in. The little house-elf Tink is by now her personal assistant and can be called by a little bell. While the redhead tries to kill time by reading, Snape gets more and more the impression that she's just mocking him. That she and Remus would work together just to help Black. It doesn't help to calm him down when everywhere in the castle the rumours about him and Emily as a pair spread. This is the only explanation the pupils can accept for the fact that she lives with that bat, without getting mad or completely scared.

An incident with a mysterious love letter sent by Fred and George Weasley isn't helpful at all and he tries to frighten her a bit when he shoves her surprisingly in a corridor. That's the moment between them when Emily falls silently in love with him, while he is still hating her more and more. For him it is clear that she is enjoying to take center stage with her too short skirts and high shoes. But after the Halloween night, where Sirius Black breaks into Hogwarts, she begins to reduce her own sarcasm when she's arguing with him. Snape on the other side has to rethink his theories and discovers that she can be acceptable company in the evenings. In public he keeps up arguing with her and in the evenings he accepts it, to be a conversational partner and a mentor to her. It looks like they both make the best out of their situation stuck together. They even go down to the village and have a drink together at the three broomsticks. A bit tipsy she starts questioning him on their way back to the castle, about what kind of women he likes, or which feature is the most important to him. She does not get anything really informative from him.
Only much later, she becomes aware of the fact that he hates Christmas and everything around it. Luckily she isn't much for decoration either. So the Christmas eve comes and goes as the new year does. After he received a present from her on December 25th (and not only he should get one from her, for example Arthur Weasley received a Game Boy with the game tetris ) and on January the 9th for his birthday (in our rpg he's now 48, because of his appearance in the movies. Alan Rickman wasn't the youngest after all ) he's expecting nothing bad to happen until the end of the winter holidays.

Preparing himself to get started with school the next day, he's brewing a love potion while Emily enters his room. By sheer accident she pushes him right into the potion and has to deal with the result: A completely love-fooled Snape, which scares her more than his usual behaviour. With the words: „Emily, my love did you get hurt?" a very long night begins. Every advance of him she turns down and tries to escape and get help from outside. But he doesn't let her out of his office, instead he tricks her into going back to their rooms. Like a true 'charmer' he plays music, offers her to dance and sings (he's very out of the tune) for her. The red fox is on the other side still aware that all of this is caused by the potion and that he wouldn't do one these things by free will. It's still hard for her to turn everything down, even a kiss. Best method: Buying more time by talking. In the end she can't hold him and herself back any longer and they end up in his bed. After calming down a bit, but still under the influence of the Armotentia, Snape tells her about his dark mark, the Death Eaters and that he killed his father and of course the name Lily is falling, too. Under silent tears she has to admit that this whole evening was a mistake, that his love is not true and that she is lying in the arms of a maybe murderer.

When he awakes on the next morning, Severus has no memories of the night and is afraid that he might have raped the woman next to him. Emily assures him that it wasn't against her will before she hastily flees the room. During the day she feels even more guilty and he becomes angrier and angrier. At the end of it, he's got himself convinced that this wasn't an accident, but a well played trick on him to bash his privacy, that she couldn't be an exception from the mass of people that humiliated him.
In the following weeks they barely talk to each other, Emily is not allowed to stay in the same room with him, they are not even arguing on their way to the Great Hall for the meals. Still, she's not willing to move to someone others' quarters. She loves him nonetheless and tries to find out more about his past, about Voldemort and what he meant when he told her about murdering his father. It couldn't be possible that he really killed someone and was still a teacher at Hogwarts. Two months later, Dumbledore calls the young woman to his office and helps her understand. After a while he starts with the words: „Once there was a very pitiful boy at this school that was very intelligent and gifted, but he felt like a delinquent because of his father. He was a Muggle and disapproved everything magical, even his wife and son." The headmaster tells her about the fact that the mother of spoken boy was always hit by her husband until he one day overdid it and was killed in the heat of the moment by his own son.
With this he wanted to explain Emily how it came that he himself defended Snape during his trial and that he was now working at Hogwarts.

On the other side, Remus tries to help her in other ways and wants to talk to Severus. But he doesn't get far and they only argue about that Muggle. With the werewolf defending her, it just seems clearer for the black haired professor that these two are working together and against him. Even the reminder that once he was the boy seeking for forgiveness and should know how Emily feels, isn't working the right way, for he snaps and threatens Lupin with his wand to shut up. After that encounter he leaves the castle and apparates to Godric's Hollow. It's the anniversary of the day he sealed Lilys death sentence by hearing a part of a certain prophecy. (I didn't recall if there was a special date for this day, I just remembered that it was cold and wet. So maybe it was in fall and not in spring...) This is his day of the year to come back to her grave and grieve for his lost love. After spending nearly the whole night out in the snow he returns to Spinner's End and stays for the weekend there alone, thinking about his past, but also about him being at loggerheads with Emily. A very strange dream bothers him, too and it's nearly midnight when he returns to school, without any logical sounding answers. What he finds is a sleeping young woman waiting for him, whom he lifts and carries to her bedroom.

The day after that he wants to find out whether it would be worth it to give her the second chance that he never got. He needs to know her reason for simply caving in to his advances on that special night where he wasn't himself. But he doesn't find it, just that Emily won't say what he has to do or must not do. According to her, she wishes to have more contact again, but it would be still his own choice. Also she confesses to him that she was weak on that night, weak and that she really 'likes' him. Alone in his living room he begins thinking again. All of her efforts were too much work if she were simply mean and tried to trick him. She must really hate him by heart to go trough all the works... or, maybe, she said the truth and actually likes him. Still unsure about her, he declares a truce between them. It seems like he's only waiting for her making the next mistake. And it shall come.
But first it happens that Sirius is back in the school and Severus can't deny that he worries about Emily's safety. With this incident, new security regulations all over the castle are enforced and the Muggle is no longer allowed to walk alone.
She ends up spending most of her time in classes with the pupils, most of them of course in the dungeons, where she is allowed to observe the first to third years. She proves that her theoretical knowledge is good but then she makes another mistake by helping Ron. Besides his headache and that Potter was seen in Hogsmeade, without any consequences for him, this betrayal of his trust in Emi was enough to make Snape explode again. But it's not only him who has already been testy all day and they again spend the evening arguing. While Snape feels once more betrayed, even more because he allowed her to massage him some evenings before, she thinks that he never really trusted her one bit. In the end, she loses control and says something very stupid: „Do you treat your secret 'friend' like that, too? That one you visited that weekend? A friend I can imagine myself who she is... what was she called... what was that name again, you told me... Lily?"
In the next second a wave of magic slams her back into the wall, holds her in place, strangling her, while Snape is coming closer. He's so inflamed with rage that he doesn't even need a wand (like Harry didn't when he hexed his aunt Marge). „LILY is taboo for YOU! YOU listen? NEVER EVER you will utter that name again! A filthy Muggle like you has not the right to do that!" He lets her down and while she's coughing and gasping for air he grabs her hard by the chin. „If you overdo one more time, then Sirius Black will be just a minor problem. Then I will kill you by myself!"

It should be the first time of her life that she is really afraid of him and takes his threat seriously. He could do it and probably he would do it. So it's not surprising when she stays in her room over the weekend and doesn't want to come near him, without being forced. But unfortunately she has to bring a book back to the library and she has to fetch it from his study rooms, where he's working at that moment. After all the troubles he had with her, Snape tries to distract himself by brewing. A complicated and dangerous potion is bubbling in his cauldron when he sees something moving in the corner of his eye. With that he accidentally let more drops of Thestral saliva into the potion than needed and he only has time to turn around and try to protect the woman from the explosion. Injured he collapses and sends her off, to leave him alone. While Snape tries to get up, so he can treat his own wounds, she doesn't obey his orders. On the contrary, she enters his sleeping room to fetch a pain soothing potion for him to help him up. He doesn't like the idea that she is helping him and should treat his injuries, but the fabric of his coat has burned himself into his flesh. And his only other choice would be Poppy and some time in the Hospital Wing, which is not really an option for him. After this torture he fells asleep and is dreaming again about himself as an 8 year old boy in the church next to his devout father and about his mother treating him after he was beaten up again by his old man. „When you don't know what you've done wrong, then I can't help you. Then, Severus, you are doomed."

When he wakes up, he's still in terrible pain and wonders why Emily is sleeping next to his bed. But he has not much time, for he has to start his daily routine. Teaching is difficult with his back still hurt and so he's feeling very exhausted when the last pupil clears out of the dungeon and tries to relax with some music he knows from his childhood, church singing. His guest insists after that, staying for another night and when he wakes up the next morning, he sees her the first time without make-up. It seems like he really sees her beauty as a woman for the first time. She always spent a lot of time in the morning on her hair and make-up, but now she looked a lot more natural. He likes this more than the puppet-like face she wears every day but Severus doesn't dare say a word.
In the afternoon he asks for her help, brewing the wolfsbane potion. With this he explains her, that her friend is indeed a werewolf. But she's not as shocked about that, as he would have expected, but a lot more about the fact how bad these people are normally treated by other witches and wizards.

The exams of the pupils are coming closer and closer, too. Snape has healed up completely and is again trusting her a bit more than others, allowing her to massage him more intensively and helping him with the preparations for the exams and another wolfsbane potion for Remus. It looks like they could become friends when the ministry announces that they haven't found anything abnormal. As a result, Emily will be sent back home at the end of the school year with the pupils on the Hogwarts Express. So it's not his best last week in the light of her leaving Hogwarts and the magical community behind, when the incident with Black happens. (At this point of the story, I mixed up book and movie and a bit of my own fantasy) So Snape gets knocked out in the Shrieking Shag by three Expelliarmus spells but awakes the second when Lupin has transformed. He protects the three children and gets attacked by the werewolf himself. But when Harry runs off to follow Sirius, he can't get after him, because the Dementors are coming. So he shields Ron and Hermione with his patronus while holding them down. But his doe gets weaker and weaker under the attack of so many enemies. His happiest memory of Lily isn't strong enough anymore and he has to think of Emily. What she would do when he wouldn't come back, what she will miss when he's no longer around her. So he remembers the happier moments he spent with her and his patronus becomes again more powerful to ward off the Dementors. (After that it follows the storyline of the book, so Snape is really pissed off when he comes back in the morning) He doesn't tell her every little detail about his rough night and withdraws from her the last two days. He can't stand to be near her, when he knows that she will leave anyways.

What he doesn't know is that Dumbledore has made her a job offer. She could return to the school as a teacher for Muggle History, her own field of expertise, but she's unsure if Snape would tolerate her for another year inside the castle. The moment Albus tells her that he's sure the potions master would indeed miss her, she accepts. He quotes him: „If it must be, then I would allow her to stay in her room."
The young woman knows as good as the old wizard that him saying such things meant more than someone would expect first. The plan is that she will go back to France along with Arthur Weasley and clear up everything according to her job in Versailles and her flat there. At the end of the summer, she will come back to England.
Severus hears at the same time something very interesting from the talkative house-elf Tink, that her master would be unhappy to go and that she likes him very much. But he has no time to think about that, because Remus is waiting in his office for one last talk. He tries to excuse himself for the events of last night, but more than that he tries to make clear how much Emily would miss Snape. As a friend of her he had this silent impression that she has fallen in love with her host. „Yes, everyone should be where he belongs. As she belongs here and to you. I hope it will not cost you another year to realize what luck you have in that woman."

At last, most people realize what they had when it's not present anymore. So Emily departs from Severus and follows the plan, going back to France over the summer holidays.
He never expected that he would really miss her that hard. But he's mostly a creature of habit and during that last year, she became one of his habits. So he has to admit that she became a friend to him. A person he could talk to and be sure that his worries wouldn't be the topic in the Great Hall the next morning.
In another land Emily has her hands full of work, not only because she has to face her superior again, who thought she had been taken as a hostage, but because of her friend Arthur. She shows him Paris and Versailles, but mostly she shows him the Muggle world. So he's like a little kid in Wonderland. But during her time back home, she writes a letter to Severus and attaches a photo of herself taken by Arthur. It's not like she expects him to keep it, but wanted to show him a bit of the beauty of the garden at the Palais des Tuileries. He never answers.
However she quits her old job and is on her way back to her true home, Hogwarts, in the dungeons with her dear professor. What she can't know is that, in the meantime, he has had a wet dream about her, and, as if this wasn't bad enough, her image keeps invading his mind, too, when he touches himself. He feels ashamed because of that and like he is betraying their friendship, so he decides that he would forget about that, call it quits with her remembering the night of the love-potion and move on.

But that doesn't turn out to be that easy when he apparates to London to collect her from Kings Cross, where she directly jumps into his hands. In order to not let her fall down, he grasps her behind. He never expected their reunion to be that wild!
But after she calms down a bit and after telling him maybe a hundred times how happy she was to be with him again, they go to Diagon Alley. They both would need money and he is planing to give her a present. A cloak like wizards and witches are wearing it, in black silk with golden embroidery showing the fleur-de-lis. With that he hits the mark and they go back to Hogwarts.
With the words: „Have you received my letter?", the first chapter ends.
Summary of the first chapter (first year) of the Emily Brown & Severus Snape role playing game „The Beauty and the Bat.“

IMPORTANT: If you find spelling, grammatical or syntax mistakes please inform me about them. English is not my first language, so yes I make mistakes and unfortunately I hadn't a beta reader for this.

Hello, I'm :iconxehanortsnobody: and I play the part of Snape in the RPG with my dear :iconredpassion: Because she has the skills of drawing, she has created numerous pictures of our pairing Emily and Severus. When you're asking yourself who Emily is, please read in her FAQs point 13: [link]
So because I'm not talented enough to support our idea myself with drawings, I decided to write this English summary. As some of you know there exists a download link for our first chapter that is about 280 pages long. ([link]) Unfortunately it's German only, because we are both from Germany and with our story so long it's not quickly done to translate it all word by word. Especially because we both are more used to write a bit of old fashioned from time to time and we wouldn't know how to resume that in English.

We totally understand people who say, that they can't read it and won't use translators such as Google. They aren't that good and most of the time it don't know words, especially the ones that are related to the Harry Potter universe and German grammar and syntax is different from English. So it will be very hard to understand it correctly. For those people of you, I try to give an extensive summary of it.

Enjoy reading

PS: If you have any questions, feel free to bring them up. It's not like perhaps some actions seem a bit unlogical when I cut down the main story from 280 pages down to 5.
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Genuine-Discord Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
holy crap! i see all this fanart, and this...this masterpiece is the source!!! gah! i love it!
KozmotisPitchiner Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
oh thank you very much *bows*
I'm sorry that it's just a short summary, but better than nothing I hope ^^;
Genuine-Discord Featured By Owner May 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
:D It's wonderful!!!
KozmotisPitchiner Featured By Owner May 2, 2012
thank you, ^-^
Mattku Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011
= How did she get through the platform to begin with considering she is a muggle.
= The train would not have departed with a muggle on board, security isn't retarded enough to let that slip. Considering little things like a flying car are not meant to be seen by muggles, the train to a bloody magic school should not just let a muggle stow away willy nilly.
= SOMEONE would have noticed her prior to Lupin, they aren't that unobservant.
= They would have sent her right back to london upon reaching hogwarts, she would have had her memory wiped from what she already seen as well.
= He wouldn't take that disobedient shit from a muggle, So no.
= IF she is some kind of historian the basic build of the castle should have given her an idea as to what centuary it was made in, just saying.
= Those are some big ass Staff quarters that come with guest rooms
= "Until it's Clear"*
=Why is she allowed in a Wizarding villiage if she is to be kept in Hogwarts for her "Safety" (Even though, for her safety, she would have been sent straight home to London and her memory wiped.)

I could not continue reading this monstrosity, but I happened to notice the gem about him masturbating to her. You really do think your self insert mary sue is that sexy? I highly doubt snape would fap to her, Considering Lily is about 5000x more beautiful.

You disgust me.
KozmotisPitchiner Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011
1. How did Hermione's or Lily's parents get through the plaform? They are Muggles, too. Nontheless they were able to enter Diagon Alley, but normally the Leaky Cauldron is invisble to Muggles... mhhh there must be something called an exception?!? In our case made by a powefull wizard (which I don't want to name, because it's some kind of spoiler. It's part of our story that this mystery will be cleared 4 years later. Like JK did clear up the mystery with the prophecy and why Voldemort tried to kill the Potters) The same counts here for the fact that normally Muggles see just ruins if they reach Hogwarts.

2. It's true that these things should not been seen by normal Muggles. But relatives of a wizward or a witch are normally in contact with these things. A stranger could not tell if Emily who is the aunt of Lavender and is with her at the station, is familiar with the magical world or not.

3. Normally there are two adults on the train: The witch with the sweets and the driver. Just one of them is normally going trough the train who could notice Emily beside the pupils. But she was probably told by Dumbledore that there would be another adult onboard this year. A new teacher. The children on the other hand, they noticed her, yes. Bu what should they do? Harry, Ron and Hermione discovered Lupin and they did nothing other than letting him sleep.
And as I said we have that explanation in the following story why the security was so weak and didn't discover her earlier.

4. Lupin thought it would be best to bring her to Dumbledore. Why? Because he's headmaster of Hogwarts and the Express is probably part of the school and so their security. If you find a weakness in the system you normally don't ignore it. You want to know how it could have happened. Especially if Sirius Black the massmurder broke out of Askaban, another weakness in a system... As the ministry couldn't find out what was going on they blame Black, for this thing to happen. It's the same concept as one year later when Dumbledore knows that someone brought Harry into the Trimagic Tournament but did nothing about it. He wanted to use the boy as the bait, the same with Emily in our story. He and the Ministry wants to find out, why someone should have an interest to bring her to Hogwarts. Perhaps there would be a connection between Harry and Emily because of Lavender which is niece and schoolmate. On the same side the headmaster thinks she needs protection, too, because Sirius was a famous Death Eater during that time and Muggles are normal targets to them.

5. She was disobedient, yes and he hexed her for that insolence. But it was just a simple spell and alone with that he was practically breaking law by casting magic not just in front of a Muggel but on a Muggle. So he didn't wanted to go more far with her. Not enough to harm her really so that nothing would remain if they delete her memory.

6. Being a historian does not mean, you know everything over the past centuries in every country. Her studies focused on French history, not on English, besides that she had a vague idea how old Hogwarts must be. Just saying.

7. How do you know that the staff of Hogwarts have such big quarters with guest rooms? I can't recall that Harry was once in one of their flats/chambers so that the reader could know anything about how big they are... It's up to imagination and why should teachers need the guest room? I also can't recall that there were much visitors inside of the castle. The delegations of Beauxbartons and Durmstrang slept on the ship/in the carriage.

8. I don't know what you want to tell me with "Until it's Clear"*...

9. She was allowed in Hogsmead because there was a teacher with her who could look after her. Why should she be saver in the Muggle world where no one can help her if a wizard attacks? As it is said multiple times in the books: Hogwarts is one of the safest places they know. It's were Dumbledore is probably all the day and which is protected by this powerfull man who was feared by Voldemort plus the teachers are good wizards and witches, too, it stands near a magical village and last but not least there are proctecting charms. Oh I nearly forgot the Dementors in this year.

To come to your last paragraph: First Emily is not my OC, I play the part of Severus in our role-play (if you ever noticed that there are two people writing this story).
Second: You know what the word summary means? Have you even read my description that I tried to sum about 280 pages up in 4 pages... Not every detail is described in it and we don't have the time or the skills to translate the whole story. It's just one chapter, the first year. There will be much more.
Third: The whole context about Snape having that dream and the fantasy is more complex than just that he masturbates while he's thinking of her. As I don't want to waste more time on a person who is obviously just writing to me, to offend me and to make down the story I write with my friend and to insult her OC...
If you find Lily 5000x more beautiful, so be it. I'm fine with it. So you can accept that I don't share your oppinion or could go on writing something of no consequence for me and I will ignore it.
dw817 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I ask how you got an image on top of your writing, please ?

The best I could do was this, which is sorta a cheat since it's an image: [link]
KozmotisPitchiner Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011
well when you upload the text file to DA you can also add a picture which you can choose as a preview (for yur fallery).
And then it will also appear above your text ;)
dw817 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh - OKAY, thank you very much !

I did find my 'clever' way of including images throughout my writing, to the best of my knowledge does not appear readable on cellphones that access the internet.

If I get enough complaints I'll write some of my works using the method you described.

I appreciate you letting me know ! :bow:
KozmotisPitchiner Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011
you're welcome ;) and it's not that complicate. Just upload a normal text file without the picture and then this one seperate.

Good luck with your story
dw817 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. I did have one more question. Can you use thumbnails in your writing, like Facebook ?

For instance, this :thumb44826478: does not appear in a message, but would it appear in someone's writing ?
KozmotisPitchiner Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011
phew... as for this, I havn't the slightest idea o.O
I just know that you must be a premium member to use thumbnails, but if they work in the writing...
I would think no, but maybe you can use.

And sorry I'm not registrated at facebook so I can't compare ^^;
dw817 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, that's fine. I've got my profile about where I want it, and if DA is gonna charge money to access HTML, I tip my hat to them and take a different course to get to my home rather than the toll bridge. :)
Persphonefallen Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
:la: How long have you guys been Role playing this? It seems so detail (from more then I read here but from Red passions gallery and such I've pick up over time. That is dead on as it's rare to stay with a story line for long.

:sniff: I miss RPing. I use to love Harry Potter ones. Till of course every one want to play angst with out plot or never help me create a story frame. Shoot I use to love action, mad Death eater scene's. sigh. Maybe I'll brave going back to the fourm and try out my luck again.
KozmotisPitchiner Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011
we started on Januray the 16th this year and we hope to finish chapter 2 (year two) at the end of this or the next month. So hopefully, I can write another summary for that chap again. And as I said, the first one had about 280 pagees, so yeah very detailed I think...

Well I hope you are lucky and find someone to play with :)
I know it's hard when haven't the right partner to write
Persphonefallen Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, that takes a lot of work. I'm not very talented when it comes to written. Well proper written, I mange to get by when I Rped but that was constent attention I'm sort of out of the loop. What fourm do you two use when playing?

I know its sorta like being in a relationship. You have to find the right person and always have an open line of commnacation. :giggle:
KozmotisPitchiner Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011
Well I like to say, that I'm more talented in writing than in drawing. If this is absolut right, I don't dare say... That's up to my readers. But I think the more I read the more I could write myself. Little ideas here and there, ways how to say things in another way... My next step would be (besides that summary now) to write fanfiction in English o_O

You're so right!
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No your dead on, every writers book I've read they all say you have to read. And read a lot. So your off on the right track.

Oh what sort of fan fiction are you planning to write? Like what sorts of story lines do you like?
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